lveMUSIC. | Donalee – ‘Big Jet’

Donalee graced the lveMUSIC. set with a live rendition of her first single dropped in 2020, ‘Big Jet’.

Donalee is the Jamaican born, South London songstress that was destined to greatness with her name given by her father who “foresaw a boss”. On this latest edition of lveMUSIC. Donalee gave us the version of ‘Big Jet’ fans have been missing as there’s just something special about it being performed live. The track largely falls into her typical style but also pulls a solid rap verse from her bag of tricks before going back into the tracks gentle melodies. You might not have had Donalee on your radar but she is one of the artists bringing R&B back to the forefront in the UK, and after this performance, you can see exactly why we’ve been watching closely.

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