lveMUSIC. | Dotty – ‘Cadence’ [@DottyLDN]

For the debut of lveMUSIC. Dotty graced the set with his latest track ‘Cadence’

With lveMUSIC. there are no gimmicks to hide behind, and that’s exactly why it made sense for Dotty to kick things off. The South London native is a rapper in its truest form painting vivid pictures across tracks, intensified by impassioned delivery – and occasionally some singing. On ‘Cadence’ we get exactly this, the track is a passionate discussion of life across several aspects in relation to the narrative of the streets. With slick wordplay and lucid imagery delivered largely at rapid pace ‘Cadence’ is a Rap fans heaven.

The only thing more impressive than the clarity and ability to perfectly replicate his studio quality live, is the fact that he managed to do it in one take.

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