lveMUSIC. | Kwaku Asante – ‘Dust’ Acoustic [@KwakuxAsante]

Kwaku Asante drops an exclusive for lveMUSIC. with an acoustic rendition of ‘Dust’.

‘Dust’ is just the latest track in a line of sublime cuts from North West London’s Kwaku Asante, and for lveMUSIC. we got the unreleased acoustic version. Whilst many struggle to find their voice amongst the musical landscape amidst the variety of popular sounds, Kwaku has carved his own slice of the musical pie occupying a space that feels like an ode to the greats of Soul’s past – but with a twist. Whilst it appears he is getting closer to settling on what his definitive sound is, his variety of musical influences can’t help but shine through in his boldness with experimenting with sounds.

His sound is continuing to evolve but what stays consistent is the powerful and raw emotiveness conveyed across his vocals and you get that so clearly on ‘Dust’.

You can also check out our interview with him from earlier this year here.

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