[@blueroommafia] seem to be the ‘Culture Club’ we all need to know about

‘Culture Club’ by Blue Room Mafia is by no means new, its visuals were released over a year ago – but it is still a big track.

Blue Room Mafia are a Birmingham collective that appear to have a winning formula. Each of its members bring something completely different to the table, but it all blends together well. This is showcased perfectly on ‘Culture Club’.

The track opens with a laid back drill type of flow which you would think sets the tone. But following this, we get some very mellow and smooth vocals on the hook is a surprise on the first listen. Next up, we get a verse that is stylistically very reminiscent of fellow Birmingham native Sox, before getting back into the hook. Rounding off the trio of verses was probably the most intriguing in terms of delivery, it was a grime style verse but the influences were from some of grimes cult stars. Sprinkled in that last verse were hints of Nottingham’s Mez and the legendary D Double E, who is also one of the influences of Mez‘ style. The deliveries in each verse is so different , yet together they somehow work well, even with the hook that takes it in a completely different direction.

What also adds to ‘Culture Club’ is its ominous piano led instrumental. It genuinely wouldn’t sound out of place in a horror film. But it is this almost sinister sound that adds to and gives the track a sense of urgency. Yet the instrumental also grounds the track being that it is the one thing that stays consistent despite the variety in the verses on the track.

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A great look would be for Blue Room Mafia to work with someone truly eclectic like themselves. slowthai would be perfect for this due to his off kilter style and the fact that he is very much eccentric and extremely diverse. A track like ‘Culture Club’ would work well for slowthai and I can imagine the accompanying visuals would be insane – literally. But equally working with somebody like Octavian would help push the boat out even more for BRM as sonically Octavian can and will take it anywhere.

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