Boredom, Creativity And Makeup Brushes: The Viral Don’t Rush Challenge

While everyone has been stuck at home during self-isolation the internet has been going crazy with memes, TikTok videos, trillers and the latest challenges including the booming hashtag #dontrushchallenge. Taking boredom, creativity and a makeup brush people across the world have jumped on this challenge and the internet has been loving it. The challenge started out with a few young ladies using Headie One, Young T and Bugsey’s song ‘Don’t Rush’ for a transformational video in the UK, the challenge has managed to reach the US, Netherlands, Belgium, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, and many more countries. The challenge brings a fun and cute way of reinforcing the stay at home rule with most of the challenges posted captioning or hashtagging stay at home. Not only is it a great excuse to change out of your boring home wear but its an interesting and creative challenge that brings some joy and a sense of community during this difficult time. Showing that women really can do it all, from saving lives to creating stunning looks, the challenges have branched out to doctors and nurses, with women going from their workwear scrubs and white coats to glammed out makeup looks and killer outfits. Doing it for the men a few don’t rush challenge videos have been posted for the men, transforming their chilled home wear looks to dapper suited and booted looks.

 While we are not sure how long this self-isolation period will be going on for, it seems now is the time for online guru’s, bloggers, YouTubers and all-round content creators to use this time to get inspired and get creating while there is such a large online presence.

Here are a few of GUAP’s favourite Don’t Rush Challenges.

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