British-Ghanian Photographer To Watch! Chantal Azari. [@stnlens]

Chantal Azari

Chantal Azari Has The Gift To Take Picture That Is Filled With A Thousand Stories.

Chantal Azari is a British – Ghanian photographer, make-up artist and creative director based in London, United Kingdom. With the gift to take a picture that is filled with a thousand stories.

Azari has the ability to capture the individuals of communities all over the world. Whether in a bustling market in Accra, Ghana or shooting an editorial in a London laundromat. Azari impeccably brings forth a narrative that engages the viewer immediately. 

As a photographer, she leaves herself at the mercy of the environment around her. In every frame, there is a trust that is felt between her and the subject, so much so that with any time the subject looks directly into the camera. There is a feeling of communication between the viewer and the subject. Even whilst being worlds away, Azari’s photography becomes an essential link between the viewer and the subject. As a viewer, you’re prompted to think about what the subject of her photo was thinking at the time, who they are, what they are going through. Azari’s beautiful work reminds us of the connections that we have with ourselves and people all over the world. 

Chantal Azari

Chantal Azari is a multi-hyphenate creative that brings as much raw honesty and humility with every frame that she produces. We look forward to seeing what she has coming up next!

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