British Mustard’s punk-rap defines individuality.

British Mustard is a South-East London musician, stylist and designer, also know as ‘kaigotlost’, may come across as something of an enigma if you didn’t do your research. With an image and sound that is truly unique in the UK scene, you’d be hard placed to fit him into any particular box or genre.

With a talent that transcends such genres, blending gritty modern matter-of-fact raps with classic punk beats and influences, British Mustard is carving out his own lane in an already packed industry.

For our latest issue, we caught up with him, speaking all things ‘Freedom of Expression’, finding out more about his time in ‘boys band (his words) ‘Leng Team’, his own personal evolution, and about how his plans to bring back the old school punk scene through music and style. Certainly one to watch.

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