Is Bryson Tiller Back? [@brysontiller] ‘True To Self’ Is Almost Upon Us.


Bryson Tiller is back.

I think it’s fair to say we have all missed Bryson Tiller since his last album ‘T R A P S O U L’, which has left us wanting more R&B/Trap tunes that creates thoughts and feelings we never knew we had. ‘True To Self’  is the upcoming album by Bryson, due to arrive June 23rd Via RCA.

To keep the suspense, Bryson unleashed new track ‘Honey’ produced by NES as the first track that we can expect to hear on the new album. Honey illustrates the usual serenading Bryson, where he narrates his anguish about a text message, ‘You know I don’t mean no disrespect, honey, ayy, aint no gas, you the best, honey’.

If that wasn’t enough Bryson for you, two additional tracks were released ‘Get mine’ ft. Young Thug and ‘Somethin Tells Me’.

Save the date, June 23rd as ‘True To Self’ day, in the meantime listen to all three songs here.


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