Behind the scenes of Reuben Selby SS22 collection: CLASH

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On the 12th June, we collaborated with Reuben Selby to give seven creatives the opportunity to go behind the scenes at their SS22 London Fashion Week show. Read on to see what they got up to and what they had to say….

“Since his design debut in Paris late last year, Reuben Selby has only accumulated praise for his creative streak and the launch of his second collection presented at London Fashion Week two weeks ago was only an addition to this.

The Spring/Summer 22 showcase was inspired by Selby’s relationship with London, his Filipino heritage as well as an overall air of industrialism contrasted with raw art. The collection, titled ‘CLASH’ was composed of 39 pieces, from which 95% of materials used were dead stock from The Fabric House, an active effort from the upcoming designer to ensure that his art was not further contributing to the overproduction that he is aware the fashion industry was contributing to. One of the pieces featured was a stand-out green co-ord, made entirely of cactus leather and draws on both Selby’s innovative thinking and focus on ethics.” – Naina Humayoon

Shot by Jordanna Singh

“From the moment you stepped on set you could feel it was a labour of love. I imagine this comes from the fact that most of the team, from models and designers to photographers and creatives, are members of an ongoing community in Selby’s life and work. You might think walking into somewhere where everybody is already as familiar a group as they are would leave you feeling on the outskirts, but, especially for my first show, I really couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming and refreshing experience.

When asked what gave him the idea to collaborate on this opportunity with GUAP, Selby explained that the youth of our generation have to be taken more seriously, and that most of what we see today are ideas from when he was younger still trying to break into the industry. With Selby and his team, collaboration appears to be at the forefront – with a strong focus on authentic expression and an atmosphere of mutual respect across all levels – a notion seldom found in the elite confines of the fashion industry. To quote Maisie Williams, it’s “more to [them] than clothes”, and it shows. SS22 CLASH teaches you to take in the inspiration in everything that surrounds you and not to rush to refine yourself to be something that already exists, something that just after graduating and trying to find my feet, with a stumble or two, I really needed to hear.” – Jordanna Singh

Shot by Suzannah Gabriel
Shot by Suzannah Gabriel

“When Reuben spoke to us, he said that this is a passion project for him. His goal is never to make money off the clothes sold. His day job is his modelling agency, Contact Models. In fact, the models featured in the show are from his agency. His agency also makes the booking of models seamless, and it is all done online. This method removes any red tape that is typically associated with booking models.

Being picked to go behind the scenes with GUAP Magazine x Reuben Selby was an absolute dream. I met some amazing creatives that I had come across online, but also new creatives making their own stamp in photography. It was such a privilege to be in the same vicinity as them and talk about all things relating to photography. They had a look at my own work and provided some helpful, encouraging comments. I was able to see the trinity between stylists, MUA’s and hair stylists come together to then bring the look alive on the models. There was so much happening but so much excitement, energy, and enthusiasm from the whole team. It was beautiful to see.” – Suzannah Gabriel

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BTS Reuben Selby
Shot by Rae Martins

“I couldn’t be more thankful to those involved in this opportunity and for the value it has brought me. I feel this experience has only confirmed my desire to work within high-fashion, making fashion content and living this reality every day. To GUAP, Reuben Selby and every other team member, I can’t express my gratitude enough.” – Rae Martins

BTS Reuben Selby
Shot by Rae Martins

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