Calling all phenomenal women!

Ladies, when we love, we love hard.

Love the soul out a man chests. When he first starts feeling like the right one, you’re sprung every second; loyal beyond measure and worse of all, ignore and bite down on your instincts. You’re happy, enjoying all the fun and the laughs.

Before you know it its a fist to the face, double standards, being put down verbally, possessive behaviour, commands, this is where you begin to regret putting him before everything. When it ends my dear, which is a good thing – do not be bitter be better. Remind yourself that the negatives don’t compare to every other moment to cherish.

In saying that, life is beautiful when you’re in love. Let the absence of a man be motivation to you rather than a hole that needs to be filled. Remind yourself you are young, and still learning. You will make mistakes. Do not feel guilty about not being perfect. You’re a phenomenal women. Build yourself up by being all the versions of you, flaws included. That’s the best version you have to offer. You still deserve love. You deserve love even if you have to be the one that provides it. Live solely buy your own desires, your own joys, be what you want, treat yourself how you deserve, put a smile on your face for yourself. There isn’t nothing wrong with a man. Just do not let your excellence be held back.

My advice my dear, go and run things. Be boss. Start your own business if you wish. There are approximately 1,013,000 self-employed women (7.6% of women in employment). Women constitute 17.5% of full-time self-employment and 59.1% of part-time self-employment.

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businesses that are wholly or majority female-owned account for between 12.3% – 16.5% of the UK business stock. A large proportion of female entrepreneurial activity takes place in businesses that are co-owned equally by men and women. It is estimated that between 34.1% – 41.2% of the UK small business stock is either owned or co-owned by women.

This world is yours for the taking, remember that.

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