[@CASANOVA_2X] connects with [@officialgiggs] for latest drop ‘Live’

‘Live’ is the latest transatlantic link up between the UK and the US, a trend that’s been around for years but has become even more popular recently.

‘Live’ is a collaboration that just makes sense. As artists Giggs and Casanova are a pairing that were always going to compliment each other due to similar content but drastically different deliveries, and of course frames of reference. ‘Live’ is a heartfelt affair offering an insight into the lives of the duo and some of the hardships they have faced. The production is slow paced with dark overtones and the visuals, shot in Peckham, perfectly compliment this vibe.

Casanova made a name for himself in music with his aggressive cadence and hard hitting content. Pairing this with his high energy and it’s no surprise that he blew up. As such ‘Live’ is a pleasant surprise from him. Not just because he chose to link up with a UK rap legend, but the content of the track takes a turn from his standard. 

“I don’t wanna die broke/

I don’t wanna die rich/

I’m just tryna live”

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The hook sounds both melancholic and hopeful in the same breath. The message very much sounds like it’s intended to be a reminder to fans and the industry alike that Casanova is just a regular person trying to live his life. Beyond this, he touches on some of the issues around raising a child, what it was like for him growing up, and even some of his struggles within the industry as well as the streets.

Giggs offers us some vintage Hollowman on ‘Live’. The flow, the cadence, it is classic Giggs – the Giggs that grabbed everyone’s attention all those years ago. It’s a nice change from his exploration of doing a lot more uptempo tracks and softening of his voice to accommodate them. ‘Live’ has a production that perfectly allows for him to slow down the delivery without losing the impact of his message and a reminder to old fans that he still has this in his locker.

Stream ‘Live’ on Spotify here or Apple Music here.

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