Cédrine Scheidig: French-Caribbean Photographer To Watch! [@cscheidig]

Cédrine Scheidig

“My Mind Is An Island, Working Across Oceans” – Cédrine Scheidig

Cédrine Scheidig is a French-Caribbean photographer and videographer based in Paris, France. Trained at the French National School of Photography in Arles, she uses her talent to document her exploration of her dual-cultural background. She dives into the narratives of the real-life people and stories that are lived by so many members of the African Diaspora. Her work speaks volumes about the dark history of French colonialism and the relationship that she has with her Caribbean roots. Photograph by photograph you walk hand in hand with the Scheidig, as she takes you on a journey of honesty and self-discovery. 

“INSULAR is a project which proposes to investigate the experience of new coming migrant workers in the periphery of Valletta. Focusing on the way migration and mobility constantly reshape the visual imaginaries of the city, Cedrine Scheidig will explore thematics of identity, diaspora, and cultural hybridisation within the specific topography and temporality of the Maltese space”

Cédrine Scheidig will be taking up space at Spazju Kreattiv, Malta in the Autumn of 2020. The artist has revealed via social media that a video project will also be released later this year to complete her current project – INSULAR. We look forward to seeing the final result of this artist’s journey.  

Cédrine Scheidig

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