Here is ChakaBars [@Chakabars] The Soul Putting Love Back Into Humanity #LoveArmyForSomalia

In a time where perception is everything regardless of whether it is authentic or spurious it’s a breath of fresh air when you come across someone who stands for purity. When I say purity, I mean living one’s life through their own lens and not letting life itself blur their vision. Social media has a huge influence on millions of young people across the world and it is rare that you come across a ‘Insta famous’ profile that is encouraging education, self- taught knowledge and racial history. With over 465,000 followers on Instagram Chaka named after the great King Shaka Zulu has managed to create a platform that stands for positivity. His passion for humanity itself is what captured my attention, he brings life back down to its simplest form; where health, love, peace and education are the pillars for trying to get the world to a better place.

‘Insta famous’ profile that is encouraging education, self- taught knowledge and racial history.

Chaka through endless fundraising has managed to raise money for orphanages, therapy centres and Medical centres in Africa, his work is changing lives in Congo where the money he raised re-built a medical centre where babies are being born every day in healthy, clean environments. His posts consist of everything from self-love imagery and quotes to books documenting black history and he even enlightens us on some of the myths that the food industry creates, to get us into buying their products. But the thing that connected me to Chaka’s page was the interest I have in researching black history. When we think of black history the first moments we speak of are slavery, civil rights movement and Jim crow but there are so many pivotal moments in black history before those periods that shaped the state of civilisation today. Many people do not know the mere facts about African history that should be a substantial part of the national curriculum. Our Education system continues to fail our youth by not exposing them to other aspects of history other than world war II. It is important that young black girls and boys understand that their ancestors were not just slaves but also that they were the minds whom contributed to the development of science, medicine and architecture thousands of years ago.

Our Education system continues to fail our youth by not exposing them to other aspects of history other than world war II.

With everyone trying to convey a false reality on social media people start to get confused with what is real and what matters in this world. Chaka’s page reminds you that there is so much more to life then materialistic objects and that this sub-conscious mass consumption trend that marketers are fueling the need for is destroying the very land we live on. He addresses social issues and shines a light on the current situations going on around the world that many of us would be oblivious to.

A recent cause that Chaka has helped raise over $2 million for is the Famine in Somalia. Currently there is a drought in the horn of Africa effecting Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and Djibouti. It is said to be the worst drought in over twenty years with over twenty million people starving and in need of help. Chaka alongside NFL player Colin Kaepernick, Jerome Jarre, and Actor Ben stiller started a movement on twitter #lovearmyforsomalia and #TurkishAirLineHelpSomalia which led to Turkish Airlines donating a cargo plane to bring food over to Somalia from Istanbul. Chaka’s aim was to raise $1 million to fill the plane that leaves for Somalia on the 27th of March but since donations started five days ago they have managed to raise over $2 million raised by 73,400 people around the world. The campaign has managed to gain the attention of thousands of people across the globe and will even feature on the front page of the New York Times today.

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It’s humbling to see that there are so many people that still believe in humanity and are willing to spare a piece of their earnings to help those that are in need. There are many people that are sceptical about giving to charity because every year we seem to raise billions of pounds for charities and we never see the change that this money apparently should bring. I have always questioned why we never see any substantial investment in Africa even though millions are raised for the continent every year.  I support Chaka and believe in any movement he supports and that is why I believe that this is a cause where we could make a difference, he is a man “that is for the people”. It is important to remember that there are still people living without food and water every day and that it is our responsibility as Humans to be compassionate and open to trying to make this world a better place for EVERYONE that is in it. The fight isn’t over and the more money we can raise the more people we will be able to help. Join the movement and share the hashtag #LoveArmyForSomalia to spread awareness of the cause.

For donations go to and be sure to check out Chaka’s Instagram @Chakabars

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