Champion Collaborates With HoMie To Create Upcycled Collection ‘REBORN’

Finding new ways to make streetwear sustainable yet affordable and authentic is an important aspect streetwear designers are being urged to look into more and more. With so much talk on sustainability customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the ethics behind brands, the human rights of workers and how the clothes they are buying will be affecting the world. Brands that are lacking concern and drive to look into these issues will soon be lagging behind in a fashion world that is slowly becoming more progressive. One of the ways fashion brands are trying to reduce their carbon footprint is through upcycling old materials or excess material.

Popular streetwear athletic brand Champion has collaborated with Australian streetwear and social enterprise brand HoMie to create a collection of bespoke garments made from creatively piecing together excess stock from Champion and donated clothing. The eclectic collection gives off 90’s hip hop inspired street style with a cool modern edge. Each individual piece tells its own story representing the free-spirited youth culture, where today young people are not afraid to stand out and create an authentic identity for themselves, beyond societies perception of who they should be and what they should look like. 

The collection labelled REBORN X Champion launched in March 2020  and aims to give old clothes new life and character as well as supporting homeless young people and youth struggling with various hardships in Melbourne, using all of the profits from the collection. Helping homeless youth is an important mission HoMie has been working hard to contribute to making it a great cause to support. During this time we have seen many companies helping out in ways they can, this is something customers will remember and feel proud to support the brands that helped give back to their communities when the world needed it most. 

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