Changing The Narrative: New Show Whiskey In A Tea cup Are Looking For Their New Cast! [@WIATSHOW]

Do you feel passionate about social injustice? Or maybe you have a very diverse way of looking at the societies we live in? Whiskey In A Teacup needs you! They are looking for six cast members to join the show. If you think you have what it takes visit and APPLY NOW !! 

Introducing Whiskey In A Teacup, a new conscious show for young adults exploring politics and socials standards, think BKCHATLDN but with substance. With a 70% turn out of young people voting in the last election, it is evident that there is a huge proportion of young adults in the UK that care about the democratic climate of their country and want their voice to be heard. With this new wave of consciousness amongst youth , (a bi-product of Netflix documentaries and easily available self-enlightenment books on Amazon) a platform is needed that can feed the minds of those who are keen to question the systematic restrictions that our democracy lives by. Whiskey In A Teacup will act as a platform that provokes non-conventional thoughts and alluring conversations. It’s one of those shows that has you thinking ” Why has this not been done before?” I sat down with Basak Erten to find out more about the new show.

1. What is Whiskey in a teacup ? 
Whiskey In A Teacup is a new show, that will be available on digital platforms, which will explore the political and social issues which are rife in our society today. What makes the show particularly unique is that these conversations will take place from the perspective of 6, specially chosen, diverse and passionate young adults.
We aim to essentially give a voice to the voiceless, and provide a real platform for young adults to express their grievances and interests. This is so that at the end of every conversation, both audience members and members alike will walk away inspired, entertained and better informed.
2. What inspired you to create the show ? 
The show was actually the brainchild of Gary who I work with, we came together through a mutual friend and as soon as he shared his vision for the show, I was all ears. I’m a Politics graduate and for that reason social empowerment initiatives of this nature really fall under my obsessions in life! From the outset both Gary and I have been near obsessed with creating a platform so that the right kind of messages can be shared by young adults, so that they may be empowered enough to lend their voices.
Especially because, as we’ve seen from the outcome of the most recent election where 70% of young people in this country turned out to vote.
The climate is ripe for young people to engage in politically charged, socially mandated conversations of this nature. In other words, the time really is here and now!”
3. Who makes up the team at Whiskey In a Teacup?
 Whiskey In A Teacup is a development of Asylum Media Productions. We’re a small, dedicated team based in Brixton, intent on curating the best possible conversations through the platform that the show offers!
4. Can you tell us what kind of topics will be covered on the show ?
 The show will cover all kinds of topics, from social inequalities, to their personal views and experiences around issues like racism, sexism and access to education. We really want to expand the scope so that we create a space within mainstream media for young people to engage in a whole host of thought provoking, controversial topics of this kind.
5.  What do you want your viewers to get out of the show ? 
We want the show to leave audience members with a recognition of the power and importance that young adults hold, particularly within the political spectrum. It may not seem like it to some, but as it stands today, young people are a voting bloc which is growing exponentially in both size and significance! If we are able to in this way, collate our views, however different and diverse, and present a road map essentially to not only what the issues are, but how we are intent on solving them, working from the inside out, this could create a new wave of engagement, and thus lead the way for real life policy change for young people.
 I think what we have identified most importantly from the concept of this show, is that there really is a cultural void on the digital marketplace for a platform of this kind. You have podcasts, and taped visuals sure, and they cover things like relationships which can be funny and easy to watch. However, none of it really changes hearts, minds or perspectives! We’re here to shake up the industry and create real, industrial change. A storm is really brewing. Watch this space!  
6.Who do you think your audience will be ? 
Honestly, we hope that the Show will be diverse enough that it draws in a whole host of people, young and old, from all parts of the UK to tune in. Yes, young adults will be the mouth piece but institutional change begins with the people in positions of power, to recognise the validity in the issues that the show will address. If we are able to then draw the power players, as well as young adults hoping to learn more, then I know that the Show can only go from strength to strength!
7. Tell our readers some information about the casting for the show ? 
 We’ve commissioned a casting video, which was created by Nathan Miller to help incentivise people to apply to the show. I think Poetry is a language all on its own, and so with that in mind, we had three prominent spoken word artists from London, (Suli Speaks, Nego True  & Sophia Thakur)  create three separate spoken word pieces to go alongside Nathan’s visuals. We would love if people could send in their two minute audition tapes, as part of application for the show! If they would be interested in getting involved visit
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