Che Lingo [@Che_Lingo] calls in Ghetts [@THEREALGHETTS] for powerful track ‘Black Ones’

Che Lingo continues his upcoming album rollout with latest release ‘Black Ones’.

‘Black Ones’ is the latest single Che Lingo has released, taken from his upcoming project titled The Worst Generation. This is his second release since signing to Idris Elba‘s 7Wallace label with the first being the captivating ‘My Block’. He is keeping that momentum going on this latest release which is equally powerful and thought provoking.

He enlists the East London legend Ghetts to provide support on this one and the two have very natural chemistry. Che had been supporting Ghetts on his headline UK tour, so I can imagine ‘Black Ones’ is just one of many tracks the two have together. The two trade lyrics all surrounding the responsibility of providing and the pressures faced alongside the different routes providing can take.

It has a politicised message beneath the surface, one of how people will do anything to get out of poverty often at the risk of criminality. But it also highlights how once that mentality changes that world and life aren’t always the easiest to get out of. The track also ends in the harrowing and all too familiar sound of a gunshot following the line:

“If I cry and put my hands out and beg that’s weak,/That’s police, and they just told a young black one to freeze”

Alluding to the numerous police shootings of young black people and instances of police brutality in general. So despite its charming pace and guitar led production that makes it easy on the ear it’s actually a track of great substance.

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Che is clearly on a roll right now and with his album looming, it’s exciting to get this small taster of what’s to come. Hopefully he continues to deliver to the high standards he has now set for himself, and we get even more great music from the young talent.

You can stream ‘Black Ones’ here.

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