Hamza Bashir [@snapshot_Hamza] Takes Digital Art To A Whole New Level


Social media today has given us the opportunity to showcase our talent. This has enabled us to inspire others whilst drawing inspiration from curators that share the same passion. Digital art has quickly moved from being an obscure form of art to now becoming the norm. Hamza Bashir21-year-old Digital Artist and self-titled recreational Photographer creates pictures with vibrant colours and lights, bringing his distinctive work to life. Based in Columbus, Ohio Hamza’s use of neon alongside the he captures light in photos makes his work lifelike.

“I call myself a recreational photographer because I take photos for fun when I feel like taking them, no strings attached”. – Hamza.

An eye-catching picture of his which has a very interesting story behind its creation is a snapshot titled Bikini Bottom. At first glance it looks like the model is sitting at the bottom of the sea but actually, it’s a picture of the model seated on top of a hill (as shown below). Hamza says the idea came to him when he saw the location on his friend’s Instagram story. He took one of his friend’s Isse (the model) to the location, at the time they both did not know the spot was used for hiking.

“We went up the hill and it was very strenuous with my heavy camera and big boots. Eventually we reached the top and we were out of breath. The view was unbelievable and I was owed by it. I took some time to enjoy the view ( before I shoot anything I always take 5 minutes to enjoy the location). Since this was an extraordinary place I wanted to make this photo extraordinary. I sat down while my friends was taking snap and I thought of many scenarios. What struck me was that there were houses beneath us and it kind of looked like sea weed with all the trees around it. It automatically hit me to turn the sky into water and have a whale on top of him. This would confuse the audience as to whether the sky is water of is he underneath water.”

Finding the whale wasn’t exactly the easiest job. Hamza had to watch 8 episodes of planet earth just to get that picture of the whale and freeze frame it.

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“It took about 2 hours to get the whole edit done. I also captioned it Bikini bottom thanks to my friend Abdi Dahir for the caption.”

All in all, with all his hard work, determination, and patience, he ended up with a masterpiece just like the rest of his images.

To see more his work, follow him on Instagram and on Twitter @snapshot_hamza 

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