Check Out This Inspiring Creative [@munya_radzi] And His Heartwarming Come Up Story That Will Encourage You To Keep Pushing

Most creatives can relate to the constant feeling of doing the wrong thing on the road to success. Maybe the younger creatives posting their wins on the internet is discouraging or it is our fast-paced society pressuring them to stick to the traditional route where having job security with good pay is more favoured than committing to one that is yet to put food on the table.

Munyaradzi Chidakwa, a Zimbabwean born and London based creative took many turns and has overcome many hurdles to get to where he is now. Multifaceted; he specialises in Photography, Graphic design, Art direction, and Poetry.

         “I have always had a passion and love for Art & Design. It became evident in Primary School when I started to become known by my peers for my drawing skills. In 1997, I entered a poetry competition and was shortlisted to have my poem published in a book. The title of the poem was ‘What I Am‘ (Identifying self love).”

He continued to excel in Art and Design in secondary school and was named one of the three most gifted and talented students. This allowed him to take part in a one-week expedition to Wales to complete a bonus module in Art and Design. This work was to be exhibited in the newly built University of East London in Docklands.

However, despite his clear passion and talent in Art and Design, he instead went on to study Financial computing at Brunel University which immediately surprised everyone.

       “I could honestly say I realised I made the wrong decision from the first lecture I was in. I dropped the course mid year and took up Industrial Design and Technology. This was a great course but I failed due to partying too much and lack of studying.”

 Let down by his circumstance he instantly believed that university was not for him. Nevertheless, he decided to give university one more go this time enrolling on a foundation degree at the University of East London. This was his favourite year in education where he studied Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Textiles, Fashion Design, and Architecture, excelling with a distinction. This made him realise that Art was for him.

He continued with a degree in Graphic design at the University of East London.

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“Outside of University, I volunteered for Body & Soul Charity. I became a part of the production team for the film Undefeated that they created and also was a creative director in their spotlight films. I graduated the same day as the premier of the film and I also became a Trustee of Body & Soul Charity that year. Earlier that year I was asked by the director of Undefeated Tudor Payne to come to Niger and Indonesia as an assistant photographer. I agreed and learnt photography with a camera in my hand, capturing moments as I travelled.”

“I continued to travel to countries such as, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Bangladesh, Kenya, Somaliland and Jordan with Tudor capturing footage for Islamic Relief UK.”

I continued to work for Islamic Relief as a Graphic Designer and also directed Art campaigns.”

Munya has shined through despite the hurdles and definitely has a brighter future ahead of him. To see more of his work check out his website:

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