Check Out this Black British Podcast [@getthebeltpod] Delivering Uncensored Yet Reliable Content

Introducing the inspiring and unapologetically Black British Podcast ‘Get the belt’, the podcast providing fresh perspectives on a variety of topics. Whilst dropping an educational ‘word of the day’ each episode, allowing their listeners to learn one new fact while entertaining them with their unique sense of humour.

Hosted by Cashmere, a single Mother, Blogger and Playwright, alongside West End Performer and Creative Myles first crossed paths while attending the critically acclaimed Brit School. As a team, they both share the same passion for black excellence and both hold highly intellectual views, which is what makes this podcast so great. Their aim is to uplift and shed light on exceptional people of colour today. They had none other than the notable Keletchi Okafor, Actress and Founder of Kelechnekoff Fitness Studio, a personality on Twitter. Sparking conversations on black discrimination alongside the creator of the hilarious and viral such as Sally in HR alongside dropping gems on the episode titled ‘in the words of Rosa Parks, No’.

Listeners can expect topics varying from fashion, music, wellness, LGTBQ, spirituality, black hair, finance, sex, relationships, race and more. Not only will they be spilling hot tea but you better brace yourself and get ready for a tongue lashing from Get The Belt, as you’ll surely need it.

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