Chip is coming for heads and this time his sights are on Stormzy

Last night Chip returned with two tracks and a mixtape announcement and had the internet on edge.

For people confused about what’s happened here’s a quick recap on what’s transpired to get us to Chip‘s tracks last night. So the pair were at a point on good terms and even did a couple of tracks together.

But the relationship has clearly soured and whilst we don’t know the facts of it all based on the information we have what kicked this off was ‘Waze’. In the track on the Insomnia joint project with Skepta, Young Adz there was a verse that was controversial at the time. Across Chip‘s verse there were a few lines that could have been at Stormzy.

“Round here we don’t hear you’re a king, man will take your throne”

“Tell me what, you believe in God?/ Kill ’em off, that’s a holy ghost”

“You don’t want smoke, you just pick and choose/ Put on your album, I’m skipping through/ This ain’t the shit niggas whippin to/ We live in a time where these MCs all claim their the best when it’s only them in the room”

Now in hindsight, these seem quite clearly aimed at Stormzy but at the time the track came out Nottingham’s Mez had released a track called ‘King of Grime’ where he went at Chip. So the reality of it is ‘Waze’ wasn’t for Stormzy in the slightest. There are tweets from Chip around the time addressing the new generation of Grime artists with Mez being openly named as well as a back and forth with Yizzy.

Next in the saga was Stormzy‘s response which came on Tion Wayne‘s ‘I Dunno’ which also featured Dutchavelli. Now again at the time it dropped we could only speculate on who Stormzy was going at in his verse but the only candidate it really makes sense to be was Chip. But again the references were not direct so it could be argued either way but with the controversy around ‘Waze’ and Stormzy‘s verse opening with:

“Is he sending for me? I dunno”

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We all knew what was going on. But then there was pretty much silence. Chip mentioned that he thought the verse from Stormzy was “light” and then musically everything moved on. ‘I Dunno’ dropped in May and we’re now in October so this has been brewing. We now know outside of the music some stuff happened but I’m going to be sticking to the music side of things which is where it counts.

Yesterday, October 7th 2020, Chip made a return with a double release with two videos coming out on GRM Daily. He dropped ‘Killer MC’ and ‘Flowers’ this time it was live and direct at Stormzy and he was on a different kind of form. Across the two tracks, we got Chip doing what he does best in dissecting the people he’s up against by highlighting all of the chinks in their armour. At the time of writing ‘Flowers’ is the number one trending video on YouTube and ‘Killer MC’ sits at number 10. The question now is will Stormzy reply or stay silent on the matter?

Chip has a project coming and he is going to have all the attention on that because of these two tracks alone if he ends up in a back and forth with Stormzy that will only bring even more eyes onto the new project. For Stormzy the only upside, if he replies and wins this whole thing, is that he can say he beat Chip and again proved his stripes against a legend of Grime. I don’t think the reward is worth the pay off considering he literally went track for track with the founder of the genre and came out on top but time will tell.

Personally, I think Stormzy replying plays into Chip‘s hands more than anything so whilst the clash would be entertaining I don’t actually think it should happen.

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