CISE Releases An Exclusive Collection For Women’s History Month

By Wanique Block

With the commencement and celebration of Women’s History Month, fashion brand CISE store has unveiled its latest collection titled PROTECT BLACK WOMEN. In honour of Women’s History Month this year, CISE pays homage to and celebrates women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.

Founded by Blake Van Putten in 2020, CISE was created with the intention of providing the Black Community with a voice, especially to those whose voices are typically ignored. Like their tagline suggests: Stronger Threads For A Stronger Community, CISE is a fashion brand that creates collections that speak to and support Black communities through activism.

As a fashion brand committed to supporting Black creatives, Black businesses and the Black community, CISE has allocated all proceeds to various social justice organizations, including the Anti-Racism Fund. Eradicating the injustices and inequalities caused by racism, the Anti-Racism Fund is an organization that redistributes donations and funds to various initiatives that directly support and aid Black communities. 

CISE is a subsidiary under the CISE LLC, a creative, design and marketing agency. The LA-based brand aims to provide adequate branding and merchandising services and support that will assist in building and establishing businesses. Working towards this goal, CISE has donated to the Women Exceeding initiative. The Women Exceeding initiative is an organization that provides professional development and upskilling opportunities for women. 

Reflective of the brand’s ethos, CISE’s first initiative and campaign consisted of garments with “PROTECT BLACK PEOPLE”. Subtle yet vocal, the message displayed is a call to action that poignantly highlights the continuous struggles of injustice that many Black people and Black Communities still face today. As racism and social injustice continue to thrive against Black people, the “PROTECT BLACK PEOPLE” campaign serves as a reminder that Black people constantly need to be protected. 

Since its inception, CISE has created several collections, and the intention remains the same: to support and protect all Black communities. With their latest collection, “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN”, CISE poignantly honours the countless contributions and strides women, past and present, have made. Though times have drastically changed, women, still to this day, are constantly fighting an uphill battle of misogyny and patriarchy. For Black women, on the other hand, existing is more than just an uphill battle. Apart from fighting against issues of misogyny, patriarchy, sexism, Black women are forced to fight the never-ending struggles of racism and social injustice.

The collection consists of three major items, vegan leather mini bags, medium-sized bags and sweat-suits. Embossed with “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN”, the mini handbags come in various vibrant colours: Cherry Blossom, Lilac, Sage, Coffee, Caramel, Brown and Black. The mini bags also come with a detachable cross-body strap for extra portability. In addition to the fabulous bags, this collection features luxuriously soft crewnecks and sweatshirts with sweatpants. Like the mini bags, the sweat-suits are also embroidered with “PROTECT BLACK WOMEN”.

Apart from looking fabulous, this collection is more than just a fashion statement. It is a political statement and a call to action that acknowledges and celebrates the excellence and achievements of Black people and also demonstrates the importance of supporting vulnerable communities.

Though CISE is often seen as a political statement, its highlights the harsh realities that Black people still face today, especially in a time where Black people are fighting to stay alive and be heard. 

Making a statement one bag or sweat-suit at a time, CISE has proven that we’re in good hands.

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