Contribution: Put your money where your mouth is and purchase from Black businesses [@claudianamux]

Contribution: Put your money where your mouth is and purchase from Black businesses [@claudianamux]

Last weekend, we celebrated Black-owned businesses through the launch of the campaign: Black Pound Day. The day was a success, with the hashtag trending number 1 on Twitter in the country. Also, multiple businesses have shared that they have experienced their biggest growth in sales this year.

Black Pound Day is an initiative by So Solid Crew’s Swiss dedicated to celebrating Black-owned businesses, to recognise and appreciate an under-represented community. Emotions have been high recently with multiple protests, within the UK and across the world, for the Black Lives Matter movement. Diverting some of that energy towards empowering people within the community creates room for positive change. Swiss has clarified in multiple interviews that Black Pound Day welcomes and encourages everyone to spend on Black-owned businesses, as it is not just limited to Black people. Haringey council became the first local authority to support Black Pound Day, along with Sadiq Khan, Jess Glynne and many more.

This campaign’s main interest is equality for the Black community by closing the racial wealth gap. Spending money within your own community is not divisive and in fact within thriving communities the money circulates multiple times before it leaves. The purpose is not to boycott non-Black businesses but to make a conscious effort to also include Black businesses when making purchases. According to data compiled by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), the spending power of Britain’s Black community is now worth an estimated £300 billion. Data also shows that Black and minority ethnic minority populations in Britain now wield vast spending power, a clear indication of significant economic muscle. By increasing our expenditure and investments in Black-owned businesses, we are a taking a step forward in closing that racial wealth gap.

I’ve curated a list of Top 10 Impressive Finds for you to consider for your next purchases:

1. Opochune

Big Iyke 🇬🇭 on Twitter: "Please help push this BLACK OWNED card game. IG:  Opochune ⚫️ Family friendly ⚫️ Interactive ⚫️ Great for games nights ⚫️  Easy to learn ⚫️ A game

A challenge based card game for friends and family. Unlike most card games, you’ll need to use your brain with a little luck to win. The game is designed to be extremely unpredictable making it impossible for players to disengage.

Instagram: Opochune

2. Handy Blend

A portable blender for your smoothies and shakes. The ultimate accessory you can take with you wherever, whenever.

Twitter: handyblenduk
Instagram: handyblenduk

3. Leftie Studio

Faith based typographic prints designed to affirm, encourage & spread God’s love.

Instagram: leftiestudio

4. Moscato Life

Wine supply for all the Moscato lovers. The go to for a variety of Moscato from across the globe.


5. Love is My Protest

Image of mindset shift / journal

Journals encouraging self-love, support through intense emotions and general reflection. If you’re currently seeking professional counselling or therapy, these journals are perfect to process your thoughts and feelings after a session.

Twitter: loveismyprotest

6. Sugar Wax & Co

A 100% organic and vegan friendly natural hair removal alternative suitable for all hair types and sensitive skin.

Twitter: sugarwaxandco
Instagram: sugarwaxandco

7. Elephant and Bamboo


Eco-friendly luxury home fragrances inspired by a combination of natural sources from the African culture and the modern contemporary style.
Twitter: elephant_bamboo

8. Kwanda

Kwanda on Twitter: "👨🏾‍💻Which industry do you think stands to benefit  most from having black people in leadership positions?"

A modern collection pot for Black communities. Contributions start as low £1 a month and you have the opportunity to vote for how you would like the money to be spent, as well as access to spend and growth reports

Twitter: joinkwanda

9. Jamii

Jamii | Discount card & discovery platform for Black British businesses

A marketplace and discount card for UK Black businesses. For £14.95 a year, you can save up to 40% on purchases.

Twitter: ukjamii

10. Niche Tea

Niche Tea | IWANT

A complete body and mind herbal experience with each tea blended for targeted health needs and sourced from the best tea farms in the world.

Twitter: nichecoofficial

To discover more, search #BlackPoundDay on Twitter or Instagram.

The next Black Pound Day has been confirmed and will be held on Saturday 1st of August.

To participate and help build momentum you need to do the following:

1. Make an in-store or online purchase from a Black-owned business of your choice
2. Take a picture of your purchase or receipt
3. Post it on social media using the hashtag #BlackPoundDay
4. Recommend the business to someone you know

Let’s continue to empower and encourage Black-owned businesses. Representation in business also matters.

Words by Claudia Namu