Contribution: Remapping Africa through Film and Fashion – The Jewel [@_msajadi]

The Jewel by Ajadi TV is the first of its production. The aim is to convey the beauty of Africa as a whole and remind us that we are to be a United Nation. The inspiration for this came from myself (Ms Ajadi).

Coming from Nigeria. Africa has always been a soft spot for me and the idea of starting a production company stemmed from spending years in front of the camera modelling and being inspired by the final images enough to start creating and directing art myself.

The designs are by Aręwà Signature – Sophia Oke, whom I met through modelling. A year later Sophia was also gracious enough to sponsor me for my Miss Africa GB campaign. We were able to maintain a long distance yet professional relationship, enough for her to agree to partake in my first ever production.

The main storyline behind it is to display how colourful, vibrant, luxurious and regal African fashion can be. The visuals are accompanied by light instrumentals and poetry which was written by Ibukun Abraham Lawore and voiced by Ms Ajadi in the official video.

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~ Aręwà Signature by Sophia Oke~

As African fashion reaches new heights Aręwà Signature was glad to join forces with Ajadi TV, each thoughtfully designed apparel and jewellery act as a vessel to showcase the richness and boldness of African culture. All the designs have a distinctive twist in traditional and modern styling. You’ll notice, the women are wearing figure-hugging dresses illuminated with vibrant colour. The men are wearing structured patterned trousers and Aręwà’s well known, prestigious Agbada features too, all in the aid of embracing and celebrating Africans unique femininity and masculinity. The juxtaposition of various coloured Ankara prints essentially triggers a tribal relationship, a sense of community and royalty throughout the short film, The Jewel.

Words by Tomi Ajadi

• Makuriyah Kamara
• GJ the Caesar
• Isata Jabbie
• Dlonze
• Esther Akpovi

Designs: Aręwà Signature by Sophia Oke
Make up: Karen Messam
Hair: CrownedByEd
Concept: Ajadi TV
Creative Director: Ajadi TV
Casting Director: Ajadi TV
Set Design: Ajadi TV

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