Contributor Guidelines

At GUAP, we encourage diversity in our readers and our writers. If there is a topic or idea that you would like to submit to Fashion, Music or Arts & Culture HIT US UP! 

Music – Zweli Chibs / Nic Tyrell

Fashion – Mayfield Ngondonga – 

Arts & Culture – Chelsea Nedi / Bonita Darkoh

  • Please allow 3-5 working days for our editors to get back to you after receiving your contributions. 
  • All contributions must not have been previously published online or print. 
  • When an editor has confirmed your publishing date after 3 -5 working days, do not publish your work on any other media platforms. 
  • If an editor hasn’t responded to you after 7 working days of sending your contribution, please assume your contribution has been denied. 
  • Contributions are not paid for by GUAP.
  • Please sign your submission with your full name and social media handle so you can be properly credited for your work. 

We look forward to receiving your contributions! 

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