Creative & Sex Worker Naomi Janae Speaks On How Onlyfans transformed her profession [@unpleasantbabe ]

Naomi Janae

Naomi Janae tells us how sex work on Onlyfans offered her more stability & ability to be creative.

The covid:19 pandemic this year left the most vulnerable people in the world in crisis. Some of these people include members of the sex working industry, who under isolation restrictions were unable to make a living. Onlyfans however, provided many sex workers like the amazing Naomi Janae to create a paywall, between her and her followers. Giving her the ability to control her hours, control her money, and control her image. With sex work being a taboo in society, we interviewed @naomijanae on how Onlyfans has liberated many men and womxn, to safely practice sex work in a way that they are not exploited. Thank you @naomijanae for letting us into your world.

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