Creative Spotlight: Fashion through the eyes of Natalie Jennifer (@NatalieJeniffer)

Natalie Jeniffer, a prominent young creative photographer and director – with a keen interest in fashion photography.

Her latest shoot entitled ‘Colours’ strayed away from her normally simplistic style. She plunged into a more messy creative side accompanied by dramatic editing as she enhanced her expertise on Photoshop.  

Fashion photography sells a lifestyle as opposed to the actual garments. The garments themselves are accessories to convey. This popular genre of photography is devoted to high fashion magazine such as Vouge and Elle. Natalie has the role of incorporating the underlying theme of the season, clothing range, designer ect. She endures a creative process to make the concept evolve. In her ‘Colours’ shoot she was influenced by the 90’s, retro style with a hint of modern sauce. She really has the juice.  Her chosen muse, if not evident was TLC. Exploring through the 90’s trend with over sized clothing, dungarees and block bright colours.FullSizeRender-2

Natalie really wanted the colourful energy to be conveyed throughout the shoot to make the viewer feel the positive vibes. The use of props and editing makes the images look playful. The model herself really emitted the beautiful aura of a 90’s sista. When I asked Natalie about the shoot she said “I genuinely had fun with this shoot and just improvised as I went along, sometimes the best shoots are with no planning but just the fluidity of natural creativity”.


She is definitely someone to watch out for.

Words by: Tarah Kagaba

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