Crystal Joy [@imcrystaljoy] Presents The Return of Instagram Script Series: Nights

Crystal Joy first launched her Instagram Script Series in March, earlier this year. The series itself explores storytelling in the unique context of Instagram, and the format combines photography and a screenplay script.

The follow up season was released last month, and tells the story of a young woman called Shayla, and her attempts to build an amiable life in between her two jobs. The series follows Shayla’s life choices, her challenges and the women who accompany her on her journey.

“As an artist, it’s imperative that I create work I want to exist. By doing this on social media, specifically Instagram, I have the opportunity to demonstrate a certain level of creativity directly to my audience while simultaneously playing a character that mirrors the everyday hardships of people I know – including myself.”

Born and raised in Chicago, IL Crystal received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at Loyola University Chicago but realised her passion for acting was unyielding. She then relocated to New York City where she trained and acted in Off-Off-Broadway plays then transitioned to short films, features, and commercials. Ms. Joy is currently spending her time in South Africa.

You can find Instagram Script Stories: Nights @imcrystaljoy or

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