Culture Through Fashion: Looking Back At GUAP 13 ‘Join The Revolution’ Cover

Looking back and celebrating is an important part of growing we don’t talk enough about, we’re always onto the next thing before we have even had a chance to be grateful and celebrate the passing achievements. With GUAP turning 5 on the 1st of May,  not letting lockdown stop us from celebrating, this whole month we are celebrating through looking back at both our achievements but also the achievements within our culture through fashion, music and the arts that have enabled us to keep creating spaces and content for the underrepresented.

We have had some iconic cultural moments and our covers have been a big part of this, embodying different aspects of our culture and celebrating individuals, subcultures and movements. This month we want to bring them back creating and remembering through our community. In line with #GUAPTURNS5 This week GUAPlooks challenge is to recreate a look inspired by the GUAP 13’ Lead The revolution cover. Fashion is more than the aesthetics but a reflection on the times, the trends and who we want the world to see us as, recreating this iconic cover gives us an insight into both how we have grown and developed but how different individuals are able to see the same inspiration and create something completely different. Our differences and varied interpretations of things is what makes creativity so interesting and offers us endless possibilities. Every day we are seeing more and more young people step beyond the boundaries placed around them. In the short space of time since the GUAP 13 release, our culture has shifted becoming not only a source of inspiration for our culture but also for mainstream media we’ve seen innovative minds creating brands, radio shows, events, music and so much more. We truly believe there is still a revolution happening even during these times and we want you to join us.

We know how hard it is to stay motivated with your craft in these times but for all the fashion fans we are offering weekly inspiration to get you creating because now is the time to get inspired and build on your talents. Take inspiration from GUAP 13’s earthy tones, mixed textures and workwear vibes that are still relevant and trending in today’s society. Join in on the revolution and create with us , to get involved post a picture on Instagram featuring your look with the #guaplooks  + tag us for the chance to win this weeks challenge and be featuring both on our socials and in an online lookbook.

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