[@Dabeatfreakz] and [@officialgiggs] will have you ‘Swingin In Da Whip’

​The unofficial prime minister of the U.K. links up with Da Beatfreakz for Swingin In Da Whip.

Is there anything Giggs doesn’t touch and turn to gold? This very stripped back track with no hook is almost three minutes of just bars. We all kind of know what to expect to from Hollowman by now, so flow wise and personality is as expected. We get the real bossy and comfortable vibes from Giggs with trademark laid back delivery, with a few flow switches so as not to get monotonous. Swingin In Da Whip is:


On a track like this it would be criminal not to speak about production. Da Beatfreakz had could have handled this one differently by having the beat being more imposing and in your face – in the manner of a track like Margs Pen Game 2. However where for Margs that imposing beat only made the track shine even more, here the more subtle nature of the beat is what lets the artist shine. Da Beatfreakz clearly had the artist in mind with this one as it sounds tailor made for Giggs. It’s dark, ominous with just the right amount of synths and percussion to make it a banger.

The video follows suit with the production – it’s dark and ominous for the most part with some lighter scenes in party shots. For some reason it had some Get Out vibes but maybe that’s just me. If not Get Out then there’s at least some kind of horror film influence with the choice of both shots and location. The direction very much seems like a blend of dreams and nightmares. This seems to be hinted at in the opening where the shot begins to blur then comes back into focus – it would also explain the combination of the party in the living room, Giggs in his rocking chair, and various animal appearances all in the same front room space.

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