Damola Let’s Off Some Steam with New Single ‘Pressure’

After keeping the single on the back shelf for four years, North West London rapper Damola is ready to blow the dust off and bring us into a new era with his West Coast-inspired single ‘Pressure’.

For long-time fans, this is a gift of refreshing sounds with something that feels reminiscent of lionized artists such as Knucks and Bakar. 

Striving for consistency is key to the success of many artists and Damola has been nothing but consistent in his boundary-pushing approach when making music. Whether he is using his distinctly accented verses on a hard melody or a West Coast infused beat.

With this latest single, the London artist provides a subtle reminder that sometimes we need to bring our attention back to the finer details and appreciate things beyond our initial reactions. The bars may not have been laid over his usual trap sound but it doesn’t mean they aren’t just as hard.

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Get stuck into the new single below.

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