[@damolac] Needs More Than One ‘Comma’ In His Account

“I didn’t know that around the corner a lot of my problems wouldn’t even matter, and the song [Comma] is a testament to that.” – Damola

For those who don’t know Damola, here’s why you should. At 24 years old and hailing from North West London, he only released his first official track a year ago whilst in his final year of university. The track was recorded two years earlier on a whim whilst scrolling through beats on YouTube. It took him the span of two years to take the plunge and let people hear it. The track ‘Rapids’ has over 200,000 streams on Spotify now, not bad for a first track with no big platform or PR behind it. He makes music for fun, in the sense that it is a release for him and he only makes what he likes when he wants to.

Damola‘s latest release ‘Comma’ came from that attitude. He is a strong believer in not putting pressure on when the music comes mentality. After struggling post-university and putting music on the back burner. His mundane situation and mindset at the time led him to ‘Comma’. In his own words:

“So many people can relate to just wanting to live stress-free, making their money, and keeping it moving and that’s what the song is about”


‘Comma’ does a good job of capturing the feeling of the way that life goes. The production juxtaposes a calm underlying melody with bass and percussion that makes the track have a sense of urgency. The hook is repetitive but in that way that forces it to stick in your mind. The content is also relatable as it describes wanting to avoid the drama of life and to just be able to focus on securing the bag. There’s the added dynamic of some discussion of situations but it doesn’t go deeper than the stereotypical rap portrayal of that relationship dynamic.

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As an introduction to an artist ‘Comma’ seems like a good way of getting acquainted with Damola. Having spoken to him, he has big plans for his next release which he assures will be his best song to date. Keep your eyes peeled for his next release and stream ‘Comma’ on Spotify now.

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