Danish Egyptian brand Twelvepieces Promotes Culture And Human Rights In ‘Fatamorgana’ Collection

Danish Egyptian brand Twelvepieces Promotes Culture And Human Rights In ‘Fatamorgana’ Collection

As the process of globalization is growing, the world is becoming increasingly a place of mixed cultural heritages, influence and certain places becoming a fusion and melting pot of cultures. This is being reflected in the fashion industry with designers such as Kenneth Ize combining aspects of both his Nigerian and Austrian identity and he’s not the only one, fashion is becoming more diverse and people are celebrating and expressing a fusion of cultures through fashion collections. Another brand inspired by their culture is danish Egyptian brand TwelvePieces created by designer Amir Hassan.

 Founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2016 the brand has continued to grow and received recognition from the likes of Vogue Arabia and hypebeast, through these platforms and their own brand identity the brand has continuously promoted unity, diversity and encouraged consciousness and support of human rights, using fashion to their advantage, innovating and redefining fashion to suit their ethos. 

Their latest collection titled Fatamorgana, is a combination of the designers love for western streetwear as well as inspiration from traditional aspects and tones used in Cairo, Egypt. Fatamorgana is an optical illusion caused by exceptional heat, often experienced by exhausted pilgrimages travelling through the Sahara. When seeing a Fatamorgana the human brain shows an illusion of one’s utmost desire in the present. Each collection is built upon storytelling with new takes on iconic silhouettes with a street & minimalistic approach. Collections are designed and inspired by meaningful and cultural stories from the designer’s Arabic roots. From one garment to another, this concept of Arabic culture combined with staple streetwear pieces is a prevalent and solid part of the brand.

This collection promotes awareness of the basic human right to freedom for everyone. During this time of self-isolation, the fashion industry is looking for ways to work better and more efficiently this includes thinking of ways to change the industry post coronavirus. Things such as creating better working conditions, considering the planet when using non-renewable resources and general human rights, more of us are consciously seeking brands who want to do better and stand for something that’s more than just the aesthetics of clothing. With that in mind, Twelve pieces is a brand to watch for progress thinking as well as innovative and sustainable designs. To find out more check out their website