[@dcworldmg] is ‘Under The Influence’ in his latest video

DC is back and making a statement in ‘Under The Influence’ – “I’m tryna be the man, I aint tryna be the man of the year”

DC is not a new artist, having gained a lot of attention going viral on social media from his Gleamin freestyle. But after this he seemingly fell off of people’s radar for a while. Well now he’s back with Under The Influence. Still killing it with delivery that sounds oh so laid back. Yet he keeps hitting us with the smoothest of rhymes this time over the smoothest of beats. Quickly on that one the beat is produced by Nastylgia who sampled Candy and Let Me Hold You DownThe choices of sample are excellent both being instantly recognisable and iconic in their own right.

DC handles both well and makes a seamless transition between the two in an effortless switch of flow. If this carries on DC is a name that isn’t going to be forgotten like so many other viral sensations. Look out for his EP coming soon

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