A Deep Dive Into Amapiano From AYMOS With His Latest Project, ‘Yimi Lo’ & More

‘Yimi Lo’ Album Artist Commentary from AYMOS


“I metaphorically use German cars to represent being unique as an artist since they’re known for their prowess and good engineering.”


“”Ababuyanga”, which means “they did not return” is about ama 2000 (young teens) who go out partying and do not return home, causing their parents much concern.”

Lyf Styl

“In the song, I’m describing the life of a musician. Musicians are celebs, twelebs, influencers, and they have to look good for people.”


“It is a sign of money or success for a musician to start carrying paper bags from Gucci, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton, so the song is inspired by it. The song says I’ve worked hard to have money to cover these expensive clothes.”


Aymos’ journey started in afro-pop and this song harkens back to that. Sung in Tsonga, the song speaks of a love gone sour, that he hopes will be rekindled by recalling memories with his love interest and the good times they shared.

iParty Yami (This Is My Party)

“Literally, every day is somebody’s birthday. It’s a song for people to celebrate life.”


Aymos’ identity is conveyed in this song by voices that are calling him into music. It is a calling to play music. The voices address him by his clan name, and he replies, “Yes, here I am.”

Yimi Lo

The song uses the line “I heard love can change a person, but not me.”. It suggests that answering his calling will not change who he is.

Olwangempela (True Love)

“All the times I have heard people say they have given up on love inspired me to write this song. It also encourages listeners to believe in its power and have faith.”

Rata (Love)

“”Rata” means to love one another as oneself. It is a love song that encourages people to lead with their hearts, not romantically.”

Muhle (Beautiful)

“Every person can feel beautiful just the way they are, regardless of their gender. We are all beautiful regardless of our physique or phenotype.”


“I was inspired by Ntombo, a gay man from Durban who trended when he came out on Twitter. Ntombo said he didn’t need anyone’s validation to be his true self which is what the song is about. Being true to yourself.”

Matla (Power)

“Men often claim they are men based on how much money they have or how strong they are. All of this is for nothing if your family or children aren’t taken care of. Taking care of your responsibilities is what makes you a man.”

IXesha (Time) 

“It’s a song meant to inspire people who see others prospering to not be discouraged by them. You will flourish when the time is right.”

AYMOS’ Top Ten Tracks For Newcomers To Amapiano (plus commentary on each song)

Aymos ft Mas Musiq – Lyf Styl; “I poured all my heart into writing this song.”

Josiah De Disciple ft Jessica LM – Khuzeka; “I love the composition of the song, period.”

See Also

Mellow & Sleazy & Felo Le Tee ft. Young Stunna, Madumane, Dj Maphorisa – Bopha; “This song reflects how quickly Amapiano is growing, and that the movement doesn’t depend on any person or gatekeeper.”

Kabza De Small – Qula ft. Daliwonga, Xolani Guitas; “I like how they turned an old song into a new age banger.”

Mas Musiq & Aymos – Bambelela; “Mas Musiq is such a great amapiano producer, and this song still keeps me going through it all.”

Kabza De Small – Indoni Yamnzi ft. Daliwonga, Nia Pearl & Bongza; “There’s a familiarity to the melody that’s endearing.”

Cassper Nyovest (feat. Abidoza & Boohle) – Siyathandana; “A beautiful song in every way.”

Lady Du – uZuma Yi Star; “I love that in South Africa you can sing out loud about your president and not get into trouble lol”

Vigro Deep ft Sdala the Vocalist – International; “International sound from another amazing amapiano producer. It’s the only way to go.”

Boohle – Pillow Talk; “As amapiano vocalists go, Boohle is one of the best.”

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