Degree [@degreeofficial_] The British Sitcom Challenging Representation Through Animation

On the 27th of November, British sitcom Degree exclusively screened their second series at Genesis cinema. The comedic cartoon explores the story of four male students; Samuel, Aleem, Scott and Gary, as they navigate their experience of university. They live in the fictional town of ‘Lawborough’ and attend ‘Layborough University’. 

Degree itself was created and written by Peter Lay after he identified a lack of both British and BAME representation when watching animations. The ‘adult cartoon’ market is dominated by American animations, where the protagonist is typically white, and ethnic minorities are often depicted in a tokenistic way.

Degree explores four ethnically diverse characters living in a typical, British university environment. When asked about his inspiration behind Degree, Peter said it simply started from his love for the art of animation alongside his passion for manifesting ideas into reality. This diversity is also extended throughout the wider team of writers, animators, voice actors and creatives working on Degree. Peter hopes to encourage the younger generation through the representation and relatable nature of the series.

The current release date for Series 2 is on the 1st January 2019, and can be found on Youtube.

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