Despite the Brexit Vote, there’s still victory in London. (@victory_ldn)


Far from the dodgy fakes I used to see at Vauxhall Market, Victory London brings a fresh vibe to the urban street wear scene, with its comical bootleg designs. It’s creator, Anthony, decided to start up his logo-flip brand just before the Brexit vote took place. After a bad experience with another well known, rival clothing company (which included delivery delays and poor communication), the South West Londoner decided to create and run a brand, which would be even better than what was out there already. When it was announced that the UK was leaving the EU, he was genuinely shocked, yet London’s choice to remain gave him hope, and even a name; ‘Victory London’


From painter to paperboy to fishmonger (a job that was actually one of the most enjoyable!), Anthony has quite a bit of experience in the job market, but felt that a clothing brand was the way forward for him. He credits a number of things as influence for his ideas, including being a teen in the 90s and the fact that his neighbour at the time, now runs a little clothing line named Trapstar, which got him on grafting from a young age. But most importantly, he cites London as being his biggest inspiration, and with its creativity and vibrant culture it’s easy to see why. Anthony’s knowledge of street brands, such as Fila and North Face, coupled with his own natural flair for design and humour, mean that he has created a brand that fully understands the scene it’s beginning to thrive in.


Even though Victory London is essentially a ‘bootleg brand’, that doesn’t mean Anthony doesn’t have respect for the brands that he flips. He loves big brands and buys and supports them whenever possible, yet he also loves the idea of people enjoying what he’s doing and getting a laugh out of it. And I must say that his ideas are brilliant! His picture of Donald Trump in a “Make Garage great again” cap has to be one of my favourite images ever, and the fact that he can make people laugh so effortlessly is truly a talent in itself.


In regards to the future Anthony will be taking each day as it comes, but will still be focusing on promoting the brand and developing his ideas. With the type of brand that he has there’s a lot of room for growth, and I’m sure that the future holds big things for Ant and his bootlegs.



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