DEWY BLUSH HACKS: What shades work for you? [@makeupbysimmi]

Words Simmi Virdee
Makeup Artist

I love blush! In 2019 and 2020 we saw so many more looks where blush played a huge role in completing a perfectly rosy flushed look. Blusher is definitely one of my favourite products as it brings colour and warmth to the face, whilst lifting and sculpting your cheekbones to create dimension to your face structure, without a heavy contour.

However, over time I’ve realised so many people are scared of using blush or skip the step completely. I feel like this is because a lot of us don’t know what shade to use, don’t know where to place it, don’t know how to use it, or are just scared of looking too much like a doll.

These are the general questions I get asked when working with my regular clients or when I’m on set. So, I wanted to create a little guide on which blushers work best for each skin tone. 

Blush is mostly powder, liquid or cream and each have a different finish. If you want a matte finish go for powder blush. But for a dewier skin finish, try liquid or cream products. My favourite blush products are liquid pigments and liquid or cream lipsticks, as they look beautiful over foundation or bare skin.

This also allows you to get the most out of your lipsticks and those bright colours you bought but never ended up using! As a makeup artist, versatility in products is so important as your kits can EASILY get over- stuffed with multiple products for different makeup purposes and looks. This is a great way to downsize your kit as well as your personal makeup collection, when you’re on the go or looking to declutter.

The following images are a general guide to the most flattering shades for different skin tones, along with some examples of how these shades look on different skin tones I’ve worked with. Everyone has their own preference of colours they love to wear, but these are my go-to shades when applying makeup.

Deep Skin Tones:

Medium Skin Tones:

Fair Skin Tones:

How to apply liquid blush:

I start by applying the chosen makeup base, whether that’s just bare skin with moisturiser, or a full coverage foundation base. I then apply around 1- 3 strokes of lipstick/pigment on one cheek first, from the apples of the cheeks toward the outer parts of the face. It’s completely up to you how much blush you’d like to apply, but if you’ve chosen a more vibrant tone for your blush, start with one stroke of colour, and blend out with a fluffy rounded brush.

Add more if you would like to increase the intensity of the colour and blend by pushing the product into your base, going upward towards your cheekbones until everything is seamlessly melted together. You can also do this with your finger as the warmth from your hands will help the product blend well into your skin.  I like to apply the liquid lipsticks/pigment one cheek at a time to stop the strokes you apply from drying too quickly before you have a chance to blend. Your blush may end up going a little patchy if it dries too much before working it into your cheek.

See Also

To help your blush last longer, you can set it by dusting a small amount of finely milled powder around your face, to keep your blush in place whilst maintaining your glow. Follow with a setting spray to bring the moisture back to your look.

To add a little natural highlighted glow, try Glossier- Future dew -oil serum. Squeeze half a pea sized amount onto your fingertips and warm up the product by rubbing your fingers together. Apply a light layer to the highest part of your cheek bone by tapping the product lightly into your skin until the oil serum has blended in, creating a high shine to the area.


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