Deyah [@iamdeyah] takes us all to Care City on new EP

Deyah’s new Care City takes us further into the mind of the Berkshire based MC.

Care City is the follow up to Deyah‘s 2019 debut EP Lover Loner and it takes a darker tone. The project is an exploration of Deyah‘s mind through what she considered the darkest period of her life so far, and she takes us there as an open book. It is this open approach mixed with her skill that has garnered her praise from the likes of Kojey Radical, Little Simz, and even further afield Rick Ross. With such a strong list of supporters, it’s only a matter of time before she gets her big break.

Care City comfortably sits across a lo-fi soundscape with Deyah switching between her patented rapping as well as singing. Her style is distinctive but if there was going to be a comparison to anyone it would be Little Simz. But even still that’s not enough to capture her true essence. Deyah‘s style even within rapping can vary a lot, ranging from almost spoken word types of delivery up to being more rapid fire and aggressive. It’s this versatility that helps make the lo-fi production serve as more than just relaxing backdrops and into her audio diary. Beats that on the surface are mellow and peaceful become the pages to work through the darker thoughts of her mind.

Tying in with the project Deyah dropped visuals to the second track on Care City ‘Okoposire’. Whilst perfectly fitting of the tracks message and darker undertones it takes a second to reconcile that with how light the production sounds. But it also shows that Deyah‘s creativity is not limited to just the music side as the creative direction for the video is on point for sure.

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Care City is Deyah at her most vulnerable, yet that only serves to highlight her strength of character to be able to be so unapologetically honest and direct. It is a project to put on repeat, just so you can catch all the nuances contained within each song. It is still early in the year so we can only wait and see what will come next from the talented MC.

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