Dips & Lo-Wu Return With Mellow Floor-filler ‘Teach You Something’

Dips & Lowu

Genre-splicing producer Lo-Wu and South-London rapper Dips are a match made in heaven. As a duo, the pair are doing more than adding to a pre-existing garage revival; They’re pushing new-age garage into fresher, darker territory.

It started with the sleek underground banger “Focus Rhythm”. The track has a minimalist, moody instrumental, with chopped up vocal samples giving it a slight 2-Step vibe. Dips polishes the track by delivering his bars with a rhythmic conversational flow, which forces you to listen with rapt attention.

This capricious production continued on their June single “Take Off“. Somehow amongst the low-frequency bass line, beeping high pitched synth and bass wobbles, Dips vocals are striking and take center stage. Lyrically, he’s raw and introspective. He makes it clear he wants to celebrate his hard-earned lavish lifestyle and encapsulates this in the catchy hook that opens the track.

Teach You Something” their newest single, sees Lo-Wu flip the script with his production and opt for a more light-hearted, melodious sound.  The track still has a heavy, thumping bass-line, but this is softened by K The Infinite’s gentle vocals which provide a catchy hook.

It’s clear that Dips & Lo-Wu have an unequivocal connection that isn’t shaken by change. When Lo-Wu pushes the envelope with his production, Dips flows on the track without a stir. On “Teach Me Something” the instrumental oscillates between a high tempo percussive sound and a laid back classic hip-hop beat, yet Dips’ flow remains unscathed.

With all their previous singles, Dips & Lo-Wu show that they can create an effortless groove but with a minimalist approach. “Take Off” and “Focus Rhythm” both have a fuzzy, ambient melody to them, and they’re only just a taste of the versatility the duo has.

“Teach You Something” feels like something entirely new, but shows that Lo-Wu is pushing his sound to new heights. He shows that a winning formula based on the underground electronic scene and a hint of nostalgia can take many inventive forms.

You can listen to “Teach You Something” and all of Dips & Lo-Wu singles across all streaming platforms now.

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