[@DizzeeRascal] Drops New Visuals For “Wot U Gonna Do?”

“Wot u gonna do when you ain’t that guy…?”

With his new album Raskit due for release on the 21st of this month, Dizzee Rascal is keeping true grime fans on edge, as he continues to drop singles from the album. At midnight last night Dizzee dropped the video for the latest single, ‘What U Gonna Do?’, featuring visuals reminiscent of his other new release ‘Space’. When it comes to man like Dizzee, it’s not really the visuals that matter. His signature flow has gone down in history, and true fans will be more concerned about what he’s spitting and how he’s delivering it, rather than how many girls he has in the video. The song itself is amazing. Dizzee critiques those jumping on the music wave just for the lifestyle attached to it, and comments on how their downfall is perhaps just around the corner. Is he indirecting? Possibly? Probably? For me, I’m not really too fussed, I’m just happy that he’s back, and I’ll have something other than Boy In Da Corner to listen to. The video’s cool though; it’s kind of like a modern day ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp‘. If you haven’t checked it out already, then definitely take a look. Raskit is back.

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