DJ & Presenter Henrie Kwushue [@henrieviii] Opens New Production Company

Henrie Kwushue, DJ & Presenter from South London announces her new production company HTK Productions. In partnership with Renowned Group, the company will focus on creating content across factual, entertainment and comedy. Through the production company, Henrie will be launching her three-part short documentary called ‘Is Your Area Changing?’ this year.

Each episode focuses on different areas within London, exploring the difference between day and night-life in Brixton, Peckham and Dalston. The documentary seeks to share how the change in experience during the day and night time has transitioned over the years.

Henrie shared: “I didn’t realise how fast things were changing in the City until I went to university up North. I was away for three years and I came back and everything had completely changed.”

“For me there was a big difference between day and night in these areas, places like Peckham where I wouldn’t have necessarily gone, especially at night! I remember being invited to a party there, and I was like, ‘WHAT!? No one goes to party there, do you know what happens over there, do you know what it’s like?’ Curious as to what the night-time would bring, I ventured out and lo and behold it was Party central, a proper rave. A few days later, I was back in Peckham, early in the morning buying fish for my mum and looking around it dawned on me that the same area I was partying in at night was different during the day – a different demographic, a different lifestyle.”

“I wanted to make this mini-documentary, because I wanted to highlight the juxtaposition between the daytime and night-time and talk to the people who actually live, work, and party in these areas and get their thoughts and opinions on whether they think the changes is a good or a bad thing and to get a general sense of what direction each of these areas are heading in.”

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Watch the series trailer for ‘Is Your Area Changing?’ here:

Is Your Area Changing? is presented By Henrie Kwushue, Directed by Culture X, Executive Produced by Zeon Richards and Ella-Bonai Gordon and Series Produced by Stephanie Duncan-Bosu.

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