‘Dock City’ by [@dcworldmg] Is The Track You Need to Hear

DC is back and kicking off 2019 in impressive fashion with the impactful ‘Dock City’.

First things first, the visuals to ‘Dock City’ are incredible. From the opening shot that uses a mirrored shot in a similar vein to the TV show Power’s intro, the tone is set. This is not your average video. Neither is it your average song, the visuals only help to take up another notch. You are taken on a sensory journey with a variety of film mediums on display as well as some excellently selected locations that pair well with the lyrics. It finally looks like Octavian is going to have some competition from within the UK on the visuals front.

Now onto the song itself. ‘Dock City’ sounds like the most reflective piece of work to have come from DC. If the name DC is familiar to you, it is likely because of his viral ‘Gleamin’ freestyle series, his work afterward pushed him on to support J Hus on his Common Sense tour as well as getting a coveted COLORS session. The South East London native is instantly recognisable by his laid back delivery which exudes nonchalance, yet equally displays extreme skill in making it fit any tempo tackled without losing that trademarked style. Here on ‘Dock City’, we hear the grime-rap hybrid flow over some fairly melancholic production but it’s production that suits the subject matter.

In very personal fashion ‘Dock City’ seems to be not only a reflection by DC on the area he lives in but also of his own experiences are shared by many. Rather than promoting a typically glamourised lifestyle,  he openly disses people that are out here promoting a lifestyle they don’t really live. The track is a poignant message to the youth and a positivity sorely lacking in a lot of music. Whilst only his first offering for 2019 it sounds like DC is taking a new direction with his music and I will be keeping a close eye on him for the rest of the year because it could be huge.

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