Doing It For The Awkward Black Girls Issa Rae Kills It On The Cover Of R29unbothered

Doing it for all the awkward black girls, Issa Rae shows us how embracing your quirks allows you to truly blossom. Giving us all kinds of black girl magic Issa Rae kills it in on the cover of r29unbothered, an online platform dedicated to sharing black women’s stories and successes. The women know for rooting for black people has black women rooting for her across the internet. 

The series and movie star rocks several looks the first featuring a long mint green trench coat, the refreshing bright colour combined with a skirt featuring a pop of yellow to match Issa’s bold and bubbly personality. Issa rocks an elegant yet fun hairstyle with a slicked-back ponytail and braided detail both on the sides and around the ponytail. 


“Rae became the Beyoncé for girls of colour who didn’t feel like we had our shit together. And now, she’s built a brand off that relatability. Kathleen Newman-Bremang

In her second outfit, Issa stands out in a two-piece suit, featuring red stripe detailing and blue patterns and prints The suit takes the overall theme and colours of the USA  flag and reinvents it into something more exciting and experimental, a perfect choice for Issae as she is often vocal and active about changes she is working and hoping for to make America a more inclusive and equal country. 


 This very unconventional outfit combing a deconstructed dress with suit trousers. This look stands out to represent a pure and natural side of Issa Rae, the side of her that is in touch with her history and loves and embraces all of her blackness.

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All the outfits worn by Issa show of her quirky and bold personality as well as the peaceful confidence that comes with embracing parts of you that you see as awkward and unconventional.

Aside from the tasteless Instagram caption insensitively attempting to make a crude Coronavirus punchline, at GUAP we appreciate talent so a big Shout out to stylist  Shibon Kennedy on some great and interesting looks for us to dive into!

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