@Drake Takes Shots At Muliptle People Incl. Diddy & Rick Ross “4pm In Calabasas”

As well as his Justin Bieber “One Dance” remix and Gucci Mane collaboration, Drake capped off OVOSOUND Radio with a new freestyle called “4PM in Calabasas,” which follows “4AM in Dallas,” “5AM in Toronto,” and “6PM in New York.”

Taking inspiration from Puff Daddy and Ma$e’s “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down,” Drizzy drops references to Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” and shouts out Kris Jenner and the late Chris Farley.

He also shares some advice from his father

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Mike never tried to rap like Pac, Pac never tried to sing like Mike / Those my dad’s words to me when I asked him how to make it in life.

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