Drill unites as Chief Keef [@ChiefKeef] jumps on G4 Boyz [@G4Boyz] ‘Local Scammer’

Two generations of Drill come together on the remix for the cult hit ‘Local Scammer’.

This remix of ‘Local Scammer’ is a key moment in the story of Drill for so many reasons. Chief Keef is the most important name in the birth of Drill, his breakout track ‘I Don’t Like’ brought the niche Chicago sound into mainstream consciousness. It is very easily arguable that without Chief Keef Drill never becomes the global sound it is today. Now that’s not to say that there weren’t other Drill artists doing their thing, but none of them shook up the musical landscape in the way Keef did.

That moment of Drill becoming its own distinct sound in America and eventually filtering over to the UK is what allows for our current UK musical landscape where Drill is a key British musical identity. The UK’s stylistic tweaks obviously turned Drill into something different but even that had a big effect and has now made the journey back across the Atlantic to influence New York Drill and even further afield to Australia. This has, of course, led to international collaborations and the Chief Keef feature is always going to be the most coveted. London’s Skengdo x AM had a Chief Keef feature and to this day it is their most viewed video on their channel.

On the ‘Local Scammer’ remix we get the verses we know and love from the G4 Boyz and Chief Keef adapting the traditional Chicago Drill style to fit the updated New York tempo. It’s still Chief Keef at its core, but with a record like ‘Local Scammer’ that is so influential and well known it’s hard not to compare his efforts to the G4 Boyz, and the G4 Boyz are still the standouts on the track. But based off of the hype already surrounding the song and the Chief Keef effect on things this remix should do well. Chicago is seemingly for the first time embracing it’s younger cousin as an official spiritual successor that they support.

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This was a huge collab to come about for Drill as a whole and you can stream the track here.

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