5 Dynamic Duos Tell Us What Love Means To Them

dynamic duos
Our latest editorial explores all types of love between five dynamic duos, styled in tracksuits, two pieces and luxury loungewear to demonstrate feeling comfortable in yourself and finding someone you can share this with, they kindly allowed us some insight into their relationships.
From siblings and lovers to friends who have become family here’s what they had to say on the elusive topic of love.

Luca and Nathan met in church and formed a friendship that soon became akin to being brothers. Growing up in the same area where there weren’t many opportunities for young creatives, they support each other on their individual journey’s telling us ‘we’ll sit down with our books and write down our goals for this year’.

The mindset’s always been different… we’ve always had each others backs.

Thomas and Zay are siblings with a strong bond who connect on fashion, art and music. Thomas told GUAP ‘we have a really strong bond and are a very unique duo that supports and uplifts each other in every way’.

They were raised partly in Saudi Arabia and partly in Austria, with Yemeni Roots and a british Nationality which influences how they work together to create cool opportunities and meet new people all around the globe.

Our bond as a brother and sister is really strong… I’m thankful for that

King and Rakesha are a couple who’s mutual love language is quality time telling GUAP ‘we make a lot of time for eachother’. They initially connected on their love of Lil Wayne and their relationship has evolved as they help each other with their creative ventures doing things on each others behalf to make one another’s lives that bit easier.

My thing is perspective… I always have our best interests at heart

Jay and Filly are pretty determined to make an impact in this world together. Being a musician and designer respectively, they work together on creative projects finding the balance between being partners in all senses of the word.

I’ve never known a love that is so not challenging… it’s just peace

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Tyrone and Liz are two 18 year olds beginning to materialise the creative lives they’ve always dreamed of. Both ambitious individuals they remind each other that their dreams and plans are always within reach and regularly work together to make their creative visions a reality.

We’re two ambitious people… we have the same values

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