The ever eccentric [@slowthai] drops this one for the ‘Ladies’

The Northampton rapper shows yet another side to him with latest drop ‘Ladies’

Where to even start with slowthai. I mean he is as talented as he is eccentric – and not just in music. Whilst still being a relative newcomer slowthai has burst onto the scene garnering attention from all sorts of publications and quickly built an underground buzz. But what is just as impressive as his musical artistry is his creative direction in the accompanying visuals. He is one of the few artists to have consistently delivered visuals with a clear concept that correlates with the message of the song he’s releasing. This, in favour of the flashy for the sake of it, delivered with a real clean polish to the products make his audio-visual releases a real pleasure to take in. That is not to say however that they are always the rosiest of concepts – for example, previous release ‘North Nights’ pays clear homage to horror or darker films like The Shining, and A Clockwork Orange amongst others.

On ‘Ladies’ however, we get a much more friendly affair to accompany slowthai’s ode to women. And what an ode to women, especially considering raps typical stance on women where they are usually glorified as trophies. But not here – where we get an honest appreciation for women with the best of intentions, although I have no doubt someone out there will choose to take offence to the lyrics and criticise slowthai.

This one’s for the ladies/ ‘Cus they have our babies/ And they drive us crazy/ But they made us men

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Maybe it’s not the best worded or politically nuanced praise to women, but what you can clearly hear in the delivery is that it is genuine appreciation. Considering how abrasive and brash slowthai’s rapping style is, the fact he tries to harmonise these lyrics add an extra layer of depth behind the importance of them. The track does what all slowthai tracks do – give us an insight into the mind of the enigma whilst also learning some of his life experiences thus far. Lyricism, unique delivery, and strong concepts and production on a consistent basis make slowthai appear to be on the path to greatness. His personal brand of unashamedly being himself on tracks and the way he carries himself also bode well – at least from a marketing perspective. Hopefully, this is just the start of many great things to come from slowthai.

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