Exclusive: GZ Tian [@gzxtian] BTS gallery from ‘LML’

Emerging artist GZ Tian drops ‘LML’ visuals from recent project Another Artist.

GZ Tian is an enigma. The Manchester raised multi-talented artist was destined to do music. His mum is an international circuit performer of the Guzheng (Chinese harp) and his dad enjoying a lot of success in Punk and Jazz music. At only 19 GZ Tian has soaked up plenty and can boast to being a signer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His musical influences are equally wide but some of his most prominent influences being XXXTentacion, Roy Hargrove and Outkast.

Discussing his recent project in regards to his sound GZ Tian had the following to say:

“Whether I’m going down a jazzier musical avenue such as in ‘Tokyo Girl’ or ‘Somewhere in Shanghai’ or a more rock kind of, acoustic/electric guitar kind of thing such as ‘Daniella’s interlude’ or ‘Royalty’ depends mostly on my mood or inspiration at the time”

Yet even that just scratches the surface of genres in his music. Besides Jazz, Rock, and Hip-Hop there is also clear Chinese musical influence in no small part due to his upbringing and learning of the Erhu (Chinese string instrument).

Pairing his intuitive and experimental approach to composition with his conceptual song-writing abilities, GZ’s music sees him go through a lot. On Another Artist, we get an introspective yet observant journey of dreams, desires, homesickness and heartbreak. This is all tied together through his ability to create visceral soundscapes through his emotion led creative process. Yet the fact he draws on so much only leads to making GZ stand out as unique. His musical ear has definitely developed beyond his years as despite the variety of influences at play he ties them together and has his EP’s cohesion down to a science.

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Another Artist, for me, is about standing out for what you are. It serves as an introduction to me musically. No features, most of the songs produced by me or co-produced by me. As artists, everyone thinks they are unique -the one thing that connects us, is the one thing which makes us all feel separate.”

(GZ Tian on the inspiration behind Another Artist)

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