Exclusive Interview: [KhadejiaG] Meets [@EmakOnline]

Hailing from Hayes and originated from Jamaica, one of the finest rappers to reach my ears in a very long time has agreed to catch up with me for an interview.

Whether you have heard his tracks been played on your local radio with his biggest track ‘Yo‘ or in your mates’ car playing ‘Cold Outside‘ he is going to be on your radar after today after this read. E.Mak has joined me!


What is life like growing up in West London?

I stick to the Hayes thing, when you are growing up in London there is a big thing about postcodes and Hayes is UB3 so people would be like “Are you really from West?”. But  Hayes, West London, I feel like a lot of people don’t understand or get what is happening in West in general but Hayes is definitely unique. A multicultural town with people from different walks of life but it is its own world. There also isn’t any order, there are no rules to a certain degree but it’s good because a lot of people are self-made.

What differs you to any other rapper in London at the moment?

Firstly, my content is always consistent; I don’t think a lot of people understand the depth in branding. Like I’m going to get rich, and I’m still going to have trials and tribulations but I’d like to think I am going to address it is all down to the branding, even if my branding changes for a certain project, it will be product based and supporters are still going to know I have been the same person throughout my journey.

The fact that I’m an engineer secondly; all of this is mine [As he shows me his studio]. Everything you have heard, ‘Yo’, some of Te’s stuff, I record it and mix it down. I know how to structure a song. For an example,’Yo‘, when Zeeks left the studio after he done his verse for the track – when he came back it didn’t sound the same. I changed the beat, I know where the gaps need to go and what production needs to be added. I know and understand the importance of quality production.


What is your relationship like with T a.k.a TE DNESS?

He is my bredrin from old school, we went to school together. We know each other’s families, he’s my guy and he’s from Hayes too.


You have very catchy hooks, is this something that you think about or just do naturally?

No. 9/10, if not 10/10 I don’t really think about choruses. I might just do the hooks then mumble, for an example the ‘Cold Outside’ intro is not fixed, I just went in the studio, zoned out and mumbled and it worked out. One take.


Do you think you could do that again if you had a live show?

Yeah, because I know it now. That’s another thing too, I can perform my songs live. [E Mak shown me a performance of him from Big Zeeks Headline Show]

You dropped ‘How you feel‘ in 2016. Do you think it is important to say how you feel though your music?

Yes, definitely. My mum will see me deal with the most stressful things and she knows something is going on, and thinks that there is no way that I have been through so many things and I’m fine. Music is my outlet.

You have a track called ‘Cold Outside‘, if you were stuck, cold and outside with one artist in the whole wide world, who would you chose?

Nipsey Hussle! He will just tell me some mad business idea or we will have a sick business discussion

What advice would you give to upcoming artists?

Have a thick skin; be open-minded, think about different avenues. Work smart as well as hard and be yourself at all costs.

What is your take on artists getting a couple of million views then get signed.

I can’t speak on it because I don’t know what’s in their deal. If you use your weight correctly that deal could have been great business, if you are conducting great business I can’t knock it.

What is your sprit animal?

A Lion. I am a leader and I take care of and oversee a lot.

When you eventfully go on tour, what’s going to be on your rider?

I’ll have the deadest rider, loads water and Starburst. I’ll let the mandem decided; it will probably just be super standard like your Ciroc, Moet and water.

No food?

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Probably just fruit and snacks.

Are you working with anyone at the moment?

The same people, 6IXVI, Zeeks, Diggy. I’ll be doing stuff with Skrillz and Showzie, also some other people around my area. Then I’ve got a mad song on my EP with someone super sick on my EP.

You have an EP coming up?

Yes! I’m trying to drop it around March

What do you see for your future?

I’m definitely going to have some businesses behind me or that I’m going to be a part of. Artist wise I’m going to have real product, like I said the content is a big thing for me the product is always going to be of a certain standard and I’m going to be unapologetic and respected.

Be sure to follow E.Mak on socials and keep up-to-date with him and his new EP which will soon be available! His latest track ‘Woah‘ with Kritz93 is also on iTunes now.


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