What to expect from [@MangaStHilare] & [@KamakazeLC] This Year At [@OutlookFestival]

Outlook Festival is back and packed with a variety of artists performing. From Rap to baseline to Grime, there is something for everyone. Grime has become more popular as GRANDMIXXER, YGG, Spooky, Kila P and many more MCs take on ‘The Moat’ boat this year.

I spoke to Grime MCs, Kamakaze and Manga to see what to expect from them this year.



How does it feel to be performing abroad this year?

Manga: Yeah it feels good, I’m quite lucky in that sense as I get to do a lot of shows in other countries. Outlook is definitely special. I’m very happy to be apart of it.

Kamakaze: Obviously performing abroad is a different experience all together. A lot of the time it feels like a reward. I’ve played in Australia ( in 2017) and France this year with Zuu and Jampak. I feel like this one is different though, Outlook holds legendary status in the UK especially with the grime scene and a large percentage of the audience being British. It’s almost like at a home away from home. It should be fun because I’ve heard good things about performing there from other mc’s so hopefully I have a similar experience.

What are you expecting from the festival?

Manga: I’m just trying to survive. I want to make an impact with what I’m going to do. I know everyone’s sets are gonna to be different as well so i’m looking to take it all in.

Kamakaze: I don’t know what to expect. Hopefully a hard venue with an energetic crowd, that’s all anyone can ask for. I’m sure I’ve seen lighting going of during people’s sets and stuff. I just want it to be a moment. One of them things you can’t forget, for me and for the crowd.

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Why should we watch your set ?

Manga: Because I’m the best at what I do.

Kamakaze: Why wouldn’t you ? The tour has reaffirmed my faith in my sets and material. Expect energy, expect wheels, expect some mad off the cuff stuff. Most importantly expect to leave feeling happy. That’s what I want anyone who watches me play to do. Come away feeling like “ I’m so glad we went to watch my man play”

You can purchase tickets to the festival below –


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